OAK presale details

Mar 10, 2021


We are pleased to present you a new token of the Octree ecosystem. It will be a reward for farming (a pair of OCT/BNB), and will also give the participants of our system the opportunity to receive huge profits from our defi products and games in farming with a pair of OCT/OAK.

When start presale?
You will know the exact start time until Friday evening. The approximate date -  14.03 at 18: 00 UTC. (Confirmed until Friday evening!)

We need to double-check everything to be ready to publish all the smart contracts in BSC at the exact time. We don't want to be even a second late, so right now, the exact time is not known. You will find out the exact start time from all social networks until Friday evening!

📌 Tokenomics & Info
Presale price: 1 BNB - 10 OAK
Target : 2000 BNB
Max : 50 BNB per wallet, Min - no
Token contract address: TBA
You MUST hold 0.3 OCT tokens in order to participate in the presale.

📌 OAK token Distribution
Max supply : 100.000 OAK
Farming : 50.000 OAK
Presale : 20.000 OAK
Liquidity:  15.000 OAK
Operating costs(Dev/Marketing):  10.000 OAK
ONGs(Charity/Planting trees.): 5.000 OAK

1) At the specified time, the address of the presale smart contract will be available on the website/tg chat/twitter and this page. Be ready!
2) Send the BNB to the specified smart contract address directly(Beware of fakes! Take the address only from official sources)
3) Presale smart contract will send you the purchased OAK tokens instantly.
4) Token transfers will become available after the pancake listing.
5) Listing on pancakeswap and start farming after the end of the presale. (This will take no more than 1 day.)
6) Presale time limit  -  2 days. Unsold tokens will be burned.
OAK token has no deflationary mechanics. But the mechanics of farming will be amazing. It will be one of the best platforms when we release all the products. I think by the end of March we will be able to compete with the top defi projects. it will be exciting! 🚀
Updates tomorrow:
BNB Dice release. (Profits will be distributed among the farmers!👍)
Article with details of farming. (21-22 UTC)
Platform updates. FAQ release. (19-20 UTC)
Stay tuned! 🌳🌰

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