New Featured Project - WE Pluto

Apr 17, 2021

True Community
We donโ€™t stop at the moon!
 Thank you guys for being patient, I have decided to work harder to make us primed for this trip to Pluto. The true strength and success of the community will rely on its members, donโ€™t forget that. We will have to work hard to grow this together. We will need your input and your efforts to spread the word and grow this community. With that being said, I wanted to insure that we have all the necessary resources we need to grow. I tried to build a structure with that in mind. 

 WePluto is planning to be optimized to give its community the best chance to succeed and go far. 

Here is how we are doing this:
 1- We are going to be having a pre sale that is FAIR and has no whale because are strength is in our numbers. Thats why the limit will be 0.5 BNB per community member. The soft cap will be 50 BNB and hard cap will be 200 BNB.

 2- We are going to have a tax per transaction that will reduce as we grow. At launch, the tax will be 10%, which will be the cap. 4% will be auto-locked in liquidity and 4% will be distributed to our users. We are thinking about added staking where half of the 4% holder distribution from tax will be in BNB but thatโ€™s later on, not now.

 3- The last 2% of the tax will go into a community fund that will have no restrictions on how it is spent, the community will decide!  This fund is meant to be spent and for that reason it will be automatically converted and store in BNB so our tokenโ€™s price is not affected. This will also allow us to buy back our token if community wants and burn it! The best part, the more volume, the faster this fund replenishes.  

 4- We see these funds as the communities, and thatโ€™s why transparency is going to be very important to us. We will have a live feed on our website of the funds and we will display itโ€™s transaction history. You guys will get to see your funds grow right in front of your very eyes. We will be transparent with marketing spending as well. We will also be transparent with what the team will take for their time, effort, and dedication they are putting in.
                                                                                                             5- We have put a limit on the amount each holder can hold to 1% of the total supply. We don't want to be a token controlled by whales. We want to be a true community token
                                                                                                          50% burn:
 Have a burn at each holder milestone we reach. 
  20% burn at 500 holders
  20% burn at 1,000 holders
  20% burn at 2,500 holders
  20% burn at 5,000 holders
  20% burn at 10,000 holders

Token allocation:
  19.5% Presale 
  19.5% Liquidity
  50% Burn
  8% Marketing
  3% Team
Presale will be on April 18th, 2021                                               TG: @WEPlutoBSC

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