New Featured Project - StonkSwap

Apr 13, 2021

New Featured Project

StonkSwap is a dealer for wrapped stocks. We create tokens that are backed 1:1 with the underlying asset and are pegged to its value. These tokens can be exchanged for their underlying value, staked for rewards, and stored in the users wallet of choice.

Project name: StonkSwap
Market exchange: Uniswap

📌 Token info:
• Name: StonkSwap
• Symbol: STONK
• Token Type: ERC20
• Total Supply: 1,000,000
• Contract Address: 0x35b55c25731E9b05B1d8480ba39463d52C9D0211

🔒 Locked liquidity - link

StonkSwap Social Media
🌐 Website
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🕊 Twitter
📝 Medium

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