New Featured Project - Space Defi

Apr 17, 2021

New Featured Project

SpaceDefi [SPC] offers you a yield farming  which will be followed by a new yield farm SpaceDefi Z [SPCZ] and thus continued while always respecting these simple, fair and unchangeable rules.
No Rug pull possible !
Multiplier and block emission rate will not be changed.
All devs allocation rewards will be burned once a day. ( at random time each day)
Part of the fees will be used for buyback when necessary.

Project name: Space Defi
Market exchange: Pancakeswap

📌 Token info:
• Name: Space Defi
• Symbol: SPC
• Token Type: BEP20
• Total Supply: 2,810
• Contract Address: 0xF3CDE6ba838e7da9B1bcb6dC3B637f06599cD24a

Space Defi Social Media
🌐 Website
🗣 Telegram group
🕊 Twitter

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