New featured project - Frenchie

Apr 24, 2021

⚡ New Featured Project

Its not surprise that dog coins are in hype today, so we have inspired ourselves and felt like we needed a coin for our little frenchie bulldog too :)
Also, the DeFi community is something we love. So we had to bring the coin to them. Basically, a token running in the BSC network with a bit of basic math behind it.
For now, we are working on more features to our network. Soon we will have staking feature for rewarding liquidity providers and cool stuff like NFTs and other rewarding systems. So everything is very early and we want to share everything with the community.

We plan to make a Live Network on its own and give life to Frenchie Token into its own true eco-system. A true competitor for DOGE place, a token that will go head-to-head for usability as blockchain technology for payment systems across the world to offer cheap and fast transactions and to have access to smart contracts and IoT access at extremely low cost similar to what a network like DOGE + the power of an infrastructure similar to Tron or BSC would look like.

Project name:Frenchie
Market exchange: Pancakeswap

📌 Token info:
• Name: Frenchie
• Symbol: Frenchie(FREN)
• Token Type: BEP20
• Total Supply: 850000000000
• Contract Address: 0x13958e1eb63dfb8540eaf6ed7dcbbc1a60fd52af

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