New Featured Project - Fairmars

Apr 21, 2021

New Featured Project

FAIRMARS generates yield by applying a tax of 8% on every transaction, 3% of it is distributed among token holders, and 5% is added to fund the Liquidity Pool. The longer the investors hold, the amount of rewards they receive increases. The ownership is renounced and the liquidity is locked for 100 years, which means that the contract is immutable and can prevent anyone to perform any actions of malevolent nature.
By holding FMARS you are not only getting benefitted by the amazing tokenomics, but you are being part of a community that supports any kind of Artwork from graphic design to music production to video game development. We are creating a space that attracts and benefits the creative minds. We are building an environment that stimulates and rewards its users. With a BNB lottery, NFT competitions that will not include graphic designers only, but music producers as well! Plus our own developed simple yet addicting video game that rewards the highest scorers and much more!

Project name: Fairmars
Market exchange: Pancakeswap

📌 Token info:
• Name: Fairmars
• Symbol: FMARS
• Token Type: BEP20
• Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
• Contract Address: 0x3974FAa1429134b968c1B5684eEBc4C96281AfB0

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