New Featured Project - DefiBids

Apr 23, 2021

DefiBids is the world's first cryptocurrency auction site

You can bid on and win various ERC20 and NFT packages for a fraction of there market value. 

Our current auctions include 

Credits are required to play the auction and costs start from 
$1  = 1 credit.

The credits can be brought using either ETH or TRX. 

You can also stake the $BID token and earn daily rewards which are paid in $ETH and $BID 

Bid to Win πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ
Stake to Earn πŸ’°

We also offer a personalised referral link that you can send out to friends and family. If they use the link and play, it’s pays you 5% instant ETH of their spends forever, pretty cool right?

The tokenomics are also amazing for a working product. 

The $BID Token is deflationary

Total Minted Supply 50m
Current Supply 43.12m 
Total BID burned 6.8m
Total supply Staked 15.6m
Market Cap $1.19m

2% transaction fee 1% paid into the rewards pool and 1% is burnt

Website -

Auctions platform -

Staking portal -

Telegram community -

Twitter - 

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