New Featured Project - BSCWiz

Apr 13, 2021

New Featured Project

BSCW Is the small Baby of Bitcoin created on Binance Smart Chain. BSCW create with new characters token.  We said is Proof-of-Burn.
How to get Rewards on BSCW?
To get a Rewards, you must burn your token on BSCW Platform. after doing this, the reward will be distributed 25 BSCW every 10 minutes with an even distribution of the total tokens burned.  rewards will be obtained forever until the total tokens back to 10,5 million. This is a smart and fair system on economics token program.

Project name: BSCWhiz
Market exchange: Pancakeswap

📌 Token info:
• Name: BSCWhiz
• Symbol: BSCW
• Token Type: BEP20
• Total Supply: 2,906,633.167016
• Contract Address: 0xcc5b7e738fad86ab75821a9ce3494cd1786ae944

🔒 Locked liquidity - link

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