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Jan 20, 2021

💎  New Crypto Gems

Project name: YieldBank
Market exchange: ?

🔎 What is Yield Bank (yB) and yCASH Token ?

yB is a Token with unique deflationary mechanics – its inner base functions of locked liquidity only can be compared to tokenomics of CORE; however, we have a completely new economic model surrounding the token. We view the locked liquidity portion of this type to be a revolutionary staple in the new markets created with LP tokens and past liquidity issues resolved. By creating an entirely new economics hybrid model we have pushed the boundaries and created the PERFECT token. Its economics model will be copied by many upon it reveal to the market and will be surpassed by none.
The yCASH Token, also a deflationary token is a reward token distributed to participants inside our yield farming ecosystem its model is for rewards and yB market price support, as you cannot ever gain more yB outside of a market buy, and its staking is rewarded with yCASH. There are no minters or infinite supply amounts like many protocols have but fail to tell their holders. yCASH’s market price is supported by the liquidity locked inside our liquidity pools and its market purchases.

YieldBank presale detail:

Presale supply: 14,000 yB & 75,000,000 yCash
Presale price: $875 each yB tokens & $0, 85 each yCash tokens
Minimum purchase: ?
Maximum purchase: ?
Softcap: ?
Hardcap: ?

Buy YieldBank (yB) & (yCash):

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