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Feb 6, 2021

💎  New Crypto Gems

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Project name: Yearn Shark Finance
Market exchange: Uniswap, Bitsten, DexTrade, Azbit, Abit

🔎 Yearn Shark Finance (YSKF) is a governance token that is used to gain staking rewards in the Shark Staking Eco-System. Staking rewards are not derived from earnings The reward that is received in the process of staking is actually a proportion of the limited pool of tokens. It is not derived from the companies profits or earnings.

🦄 YSKF (Uniswap)

👍 YSKF (Bitsten)

👍 YSKF (DexTrade)

👍 YSKF (Azbit)

👍 YSKF (Abit)

📌 Token Info:
  • Name: Yearn Shark Finance
  • Symbol: YSKF
  • Total Supply : 15,000 YSKF
  • Circulating Supply : 10,000 YSKF
  • Contract Address : 0x9C664F20C0a00a4949DFfcA76748c02754C875aa

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