New crypto gems - WhaleRoom

Feb 20, 2021

πŸ’Ž  New Crypto Gems

Project name: WhaleRoom
Market exchange: Uniswap

πŸ”Ž WhaleRoom is a chatroom app like Telegram with 3 major twists.
At WhaleRoom, we don’t care about token price. We only care about shipping an amazing crypto chatroom software for you all, our users.
Each management decision we will take in this project will always be based on feedback we gather via community polls, etc. Your voice will always be heard at the WhaleRoom and we work for you, our users!

πŸ“Œ Token Info:
  β€’ Name: WhaleRooms
  β€’ Symbol: WHL
  β€’ Total Supply : 1,000,000 WHL
  β€’ Contract Address : 0x2af72850c504ddd3c1876c66a914caee7ff8a46a

WHL Social Media
🌐 Website
πŸ—£ Telegram group
πŸ•Š Twitter

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