New crypto gems - Underdog finance

Mar 6, 2021

πŸ’Ž  New Crypto Gems

Project name: Underdog finance
Market exchange: PancakeSwap

πŸ”Ž Underdog finance is a new and innovative way of earning passive rewards. A new term that is known as shadow staking.
Our protocol and contract is designed to salut holders and to boost the value of DOG tokens.
For each transaction you will earn 4 % and further 1 % will be burned.
Leading to your tokenamount increasing each day. and the Total Supply will decrease each day.
We believe this economic model is the best in the scene for the following reasons:
- You do not have to spend fees on Yield Farms
- You do get more tokens without needing to spend time to Harvest
- Swingtraders will get punished 5 % for each trade
- As they say about the dog; a dog is a man’s best friend’
πŸ“Œ Token Info:
  β€’ Name: Underdog finance
  β€’ Symbol: DOG
  β€’ Total Supply : 996,791,665 DOG
  β€’ Contract Address : 0xf94ca0b303e52d68b63626bed7f680fa4dc3f779
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