New Crypto Gems - Bitcoin Circuit Breaker

Jan 25, 2021

💎  New Crypto Gems

Project name: Bitcoin Circuit Breaker
Market exchange: Uniswap
🔒 Team locked it's tokens - LINK
🙅‍♂ Team isn't anonymous
📊 Daily trading volume

🔎 Bitcoin Circuit Breaker is a mechanism for panic sales prevention. It connects our tokens algorithmic trading to the general market sentiment reflected the best by a cryptocurrency with the most significant capitalization – BTC. BTC Oracle gives a signal to the Circuit Breaker to halt trading when the market goes down. Our token, therefore, makes trading conditions fairer for all system participants. So nobody is going to sell, while bags of others go down. Circuit Breaker mechanism is a standard widely used mechanism on stock exchanges to halt the trades during market crashes. Next time, when you sell all crypto going down, you can recall this text and our token mechanics and get back to us.

🦄 BTCCB (Uniswap)
📈 Dextools chart

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