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Mar 2, 2021

After the successful ERC20 launch the ASI developer needed to proof the concept of implementing the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in DeFi.
Due to high TX fees on the Ethereum blockchain the trading volume has decreased on ASI. The trading volume is important for the Yield generation which is distributed among the holders.

📌 Token Info:
• Symbol: BASI
• Token platform: BEP20
• Total Supply: 8,000,000,000 BASI
• Private Sale: 500,000 BASI
• Public Sale: 2,500,000,000 BASI
• Farming Rewards: 900,000 BASI
• Developer: 700,000 BASI
• Marketing: 400,000 BASI

BASI on BSCListing Details:
• DEX: PancakeSwap
• Time: Immediately post Presale sale
• Listing Price: 1 BNB =1,800 BASI
• Total supply: 8M BASI minus The burned tokens from the pre sale "3M"
• Min: 1 BNB/User
• MAX: 10BNB/User
• Softcap: 200BNB
• Hardcap: 1166BNB
• Presale Smart contract & Instructions : 
1) ASI developer has developed private & pre-sale smart contract
2) For private sale joiners make sure to fill the white listing form
3) The smart contract will detect your address if it's whitelisted it will send you Tokens at the price of 1BNB=3000BASI "Private Sale" and if you're not whitelisted the price will be 1BNB=2500BASI "Public Sale"
4) Private & Public sale will be live for 7 days or the hard cap reach.
5) Post liquidity initiation the remaining BASI from Private and Pre-sale will be burned.
6) If we didn't reach the soft cap all participants will be refunded.
7) Once you send the BNB to the Private & Public sale smart contract you'll be automatically receive your BASI tokens in your wallet.
The whitelisting form will be available for 24 hours only. Join the 'TG Group' and 'Discord' to get all updates.
Whitelisting form to be live for 24 Hours then pre-sale starts :

The ASI needs a strong use case to support the concept which is why the developer will start working on launching ASI DEX.
A decentralized exchange to define each wallet's ASI score, with fluctuating trading fees based on each wallet's score. The use case be more influential because a DEX can collect more data about the user behavior.
The ASI DEX will start on BSC early April 2021 then on ETH Chain Mid May 2021.

ASI & BASI finance social media:
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🎮 Discord

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